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Mega-Fit Holster - Fits nearly 70 pistol | Cytac


Mega-Fit Holster

Fits Nearly 70 Pistols

Cytac | Tourniquet Holder CY-THB-2 for the most tourniquet on the market

Tourniquet Holder

Fit Tourniquet width of 50mm; Available in the most C-A-T? Tourniquet on the Market

Tactical Phone Holster | Cytac

Tactical Phone Holster

Fits?iPhone X / iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max / iPhone 8 Plus

Sig Sauer P365 Holster


Fits Sig Sauer P365

AR-15/M16 Mag Pouch | Cytac

AR-15 Mag Pouch

Fits AR-15 / M16 Magazines

Universal Single Magazin Pouch | Cytac

Universal Single Magazine Pouch

Fits Universal 9MM, .40, .45 Caliber,?Single or Double Stack Magazines

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catalog product


Founded in 2008 in the city of Shenzhen, Cytac Technology Limited is focused on exploring and developing the international police and tactical products market. As one of China’s few professional suppliers of tactical products for civilian and police use, Cytac combines global technical expertise with domestic materials and labor to deliver a large volume of cutting-edge tactical products to the international market. We provide a range of products for civilian and police use, including polymer and nylon holsters, duty belts, drop leg platforms, gun locks, cleaning kits, gun cases, and more.

Looking for the best holster? Here’s what we’ve for you in store!

Carrying firearms is not a casual matter. It is a power in your hands which comes with a responsibility for the safety of others and proper accessibility at the time of danger. Well, you need a holster that matches your exact needs. And, for that, you have to invest a lot of time to find the one that conceals your weapon as well as protects your responsibility. But, you need not bother! Cytac’s tactical holster buying guide will help you out in selecting the one you need from a number of options what we have for you in our store.

Open waistband or inside waistband?

What are you exactly want tactical holster to be like; an open waistband or an inside the waistband? Once you decide this as per your weapon’s type and your comfort, you know which direction to focus on. Here’s how you can make a good decision:

What’s the demand for your weapon and how are you required to carry it?

Can you carry it openly or should it be carried concealed?

Go for either; we have got various options for you to choose from. While concealed carry is believed to be a safer option, there are huge varieties available for OWB holsters as well.

The material!

The material of your tactical gear supply plays a far more important role than it being open waistband or inside. Most of the time, the holsters are made either from leather or from thermoplastic material. Each has its own unique pros and cons. While a holster made with leather is typically more expensive, it comes with a long lasting guarantee. On the other hand, the one which is made with plastic can become warped if it gets left in the car and heat catches up. We personally prefer leather for designing our holsters because these holsters assure a great fit to the body which makes it a comfortable choice. The entire purpose of investing hours and hours on making these holsters is to provide our customers with the ease while carrying these weapons with utmost safety.

A few other considerations!

When it comes to buying tactical gear supply, the type of a tactical holster or its material is just a part of a larger equation. Here are a few other matters that you must consider before buying one for your firearm:

A price that should meet your budget

Retention! So that you get an easily accessible holster

Size of your holster

While you must have figured out which types of holsters are compatible with your firearm, let’s just move to our collection to find the best for you.